February 21, 2012

Hear New Sound: Ceremony's "Adult"

Zoo, the newly-minted Recommended Listen and Matador debut from progressive hardcore act Ceremony has unlocked another single from its cage (free to download at The Matablog) in the form of "Adult." As AS' review made note of, frontman Ross Farrar's lyrics here serve as a significantly poignant watershed moment for the Rohnert Park quintet, having just made the leap to a large indie label and taking an arguably polarizing step in evolving their brand of hardcore punk into one that will likely rub genre purists the wrong way ("We go for a ride / We slow down and die / We have to give up on things we love...") Much like first single "Hysteria" and the visually-candid "World Blue," "Adult" is also another tunefully blistering pedal-pusher. Zoo doesn't arrive until March 6th, but you can enjoy Ceremony's growing pains just as much as they seem to be below...

Ceremony - "Adult"

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