February 22, 2012

Hear New Sound: Crystal Castles' "Suffocation" (HEALTH Remix)

The collaborative relationship history between Crystal Castles and HEALTH goes as far back as 2007 when the former remixed the latter's track "Crimewave" for a 2007 single and carried on in a contribution for HEALTH's second remix LP HEALTH // DISCO 2 (there's probably more audio love between the two AS is forgetting...) Add one more to the growing list, this time with the Los Angeles noisemakers repaying the favor to the electronic duo with their reimagining of "Suffocation," a standout track which originally appeared on Crystal Castles' 2010 self-titled effort. Unlike the gothy, cold pop feel the resonates throughout the original, HEALTH's twist maintains a dark appeal with an airy density that -- for a lack of better terms -- suffocate Alice Glass' lucent vocals. No need to hold your breath -- The listen is below while a new video for the original song featuring Ms. Glass putting her best fashion foot forward can be seen at Vs. Magazine...

Crystal Castles - "Suffocation" (HEALTH Remix)

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