February 23, 2012

Hear New Sound: Joyce Manor's "Violent Inside"

As is often the case with many young punk bands, past BUZZSound Joyce Manor are bracing themselves for the double-edged sword of gaining a rabid fanbase and an obligatory sophomore LP backlash with the release of their upcoming Asian Man Records debut Of All Things I Soon Grow Tired, due out April 17th (To put it in perspective, this same rabid fanbase managed to crash the label's website within minutes of the pre-order being posted earlier this week.) The Torrance, CA quartet is capitalizing on a huge year having made waves throughout the scene in 2011 with the release of their self-titled debut, an acclaimed listen that drew lofty comparisons to Jawbreaker, early Alkaline Trio and praise for the return of "real" pop punk. Pop punk in itself -- much like emo -- has become such a dirty word over the past decade given its misconstrued crossover accessibility, but Joyce Manor are cleaning it up by letting the post-hangover scratchy vocals hang around the polished power chords on OATISGT's first preview "Violent Inside." The listen below originally comes courtesy of Alternative Press (which naturally made its way onto YouTube) who also spoke with frontman Barry Johnson about the LP's creation. Pop punk redemption awaits you...

Joyce Manor - "Violent Inside"

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