February 26, 2012

LIVESound: The Promise Ring Reunite in Milwaukee

Barring a one-off reunion in 2005, indie-emo pioneers The Promise Ring had yet to make a definitive return to the stage until this past Friday when they reassembled for their first string of dates in nearly a decade. Taking place at the sold out Turner Hall Ballroom in their hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, dedicated fans of the seminal mid-western rockers were treated to an overload of late '90s and millennial sentimental nostalgia when -- as Rolling Stone points out -- the band banged out a hefty 26-song set of favorites culled from their entire catalog over the course of nearly two hours (This, in stark contrast to the half hour to 45 minute sets they used to do.) Outside from another date in Chicago which went down on Saturday, an appearance at this year's Bamboozle alongside fellow veteran emo and post-hardcore kingpins Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music and Boy Sets Fire and scattered dates being announced in NYC and San Francisco, The Promise Ring has yet to map out a formal reunion tour, so these clips will have to keep lonely hearts cozy in the meantime. Is this thing on?...

"Size of Your Life" / "Happiness Is All the Rage"

"Red and Blue Jeans"

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