February 19, 2012

LIVESound: Sleigh Bells Play SNL

On this week's Maya Rudolph-hosted edition of Saturday Night Live, polarizing noise pop act and hometown heroes Sleigh Bells kicked off the promotional onslaught for their upcoming sophomore release Reign of Terror (due out this Tuesday on Mom + Pop) by acting as the night's musical guests. Where as so many recent indie-centric acts and alt-rock icons (including the seemingly untouchable Radiohead) have fallen victim to the pitfalls of SNL's temperamental live sound settings, Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller's abrasive style of hipsterized jock jams translated well from where AS was watching. Sleigh Bells' set included the recently Recommended first single "Comeback Kid" and the frosty cooldown, "End of the Line." Considering it was also the duo's national television debut, AwkwardSound is beginning to rethink its decision for naming these two 2010's Most Overhyped New Artist...

"Comeback Kid"

"End of the Line"

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