February 3, 2012

Song Review: Beach Fossils' "Shallow"

Buzzworthy side-projects aside, seascape indie pop act Beach Fossils are currently holed up somewhere in Brooklyn working on their sophomore LP to follow 2010's great self-titled debut and last year's formidable What a Pleasure EP. Frontman and main songwriter Dustin Payseur recently sat down with SPIN and talked about the direction he and the guys would be heading in on their forthcoming effort, revealing the surprise anecdote that it's his attempt to "rebel" against himself and "make something really noisy." Considering Beach Fossils have, to this point, built their sound on a solid foundation of lax melodies and lazed vocals, the idea of hearing them approach songwriting with a punk rock mindset is adventurous to say the least. Our first preview of what Payseur is talking about comes in the form of a brand new 7" single "Shallow," set to be released February 21st on Captured Tracks. From the get go, there's an urgency to the track that clues us in on the intrigue behind Payseur's statement. A rough opening riff line is an immediate contrast to the cutting jangle of Beach Fossils past work, while the pace at which Cole Smith weaves his clean-cutting second guitar between the rhythm section has "Shallow" sounding like Beach Fossils on a spontaneous adrenaline kick. While Payseur's breezy vocals remain in-tact amid this uptempo tidal wave, "Shallow" is an assuring sign that Beach Fossils have it in them to wade deeper waters.

Beach Fossils - "Shallow"

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