February 16, 2012

Song Review: Mi Ami's "Time of Love"

Almost a year to the date since AS reviewed "Hard Up," the Recommended Listen off last year's Dolphins EP by San Francisco noise-rock-turned-Italo-pop-experimentalists Mi Ami, the duo are back with some new sounds as they ready their third LP Decade, out March 20th on 100% Silk. While Daniel Martin-McCormick has been drawing attention from tastemaker sites for his solo project moonlighting as Ital, his interest in ambient disco continues to navigate Mi Ami away from early day noise-punk pursuasions as evidenced by Decade's first preview, "Time of Love." It's a lengthy 11-minute-long track, and all the better because of it. One might assume that would command greater attention than Mi Ami's more immediate material, but that's not all the case here. "Time of Love" is the logical next step for Mi Ami's electronic-noise hybrid, taking cues from the '90s house scene to stretch it danceability factor out along the way in ways the psychedelic clamor from their first two efforts would stomp on. With each passing minute, Mi Ami's sound machine fuels a relaxing sensation of energy into the stereo through deep bass, Damon Palermo's pulse-like drum beats and a swelling layer of vocal samples that ultimately channel "Time of Love" out into an exhale. For what seems like the third time in their existence, Mi Ami are again challenging listeners to adjust their senses to a brand new fashion of sound, and again, the shape-shifting has us standing (and dancing) at full attention.

Mi Ami - "Time Of Love"

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