February 29, 2012

Song Review: Tanlines' "All of Me"

AS' recent BUZZSound spotlight on Tanlines made mention of the electro-pop duo's great sense of timing, and the same continues to be said about each new listen to arrive off their upcoming debut Mixed Emotions, due out March 20th on True Panther Sounds. "All of Me" is the second single to make its way into our ears from the NYC act, and as we transition out of the cold elements of winter, the track easily serves its purpose in putting a spring in listeners' steps with their most cohesive and danceable listen to date. While today's active roster of electronic contemporaries such as Cut Copy and Hot Chip tend to swell speakers with a well-rounded concoction of keyboards, guitars, drums and synthetic modulations all rolled into one, Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen creep in on the vacancy left by LCD Soundsystem by tweaking minimalism to their benefit, opting to let each instrument breathe independently before they merge onto one road here on "All of Me." Collectively, they build up to a state of electronic euphoria with the payoff being in Emm's life-asserting chorus that kind of makes you forget where you are, like all great electro-pop songs should do. The calendar may say it's the last day of Febuary while the weathermen are forecasting snowfall later this evening, but Tanlines' "All of Me" marks the unofficial arrival of spring.

Tanlines - "All of Me"

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