February 7, 2012


NYC has a long standing reputation as a noise rock breeding ground. At its most recent prime during the "noughties," the Big Apple cultivated a new wave of influential acts such as Black Dice, Ex Models, Liars, Animal Collective and Parts & Labor who've since gone on to influence a slew of followers. In recent years however, noise rock has taken a fashionable turn where its torchbearers are just as concerned with danceability as they once were with volume. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with that as all genre's should progressively evolve, but the absence of an ear-swelling chaotic wall of dishevelment is sorely missed. Thanks to a chance discovery by Mr. Dream's Nick Sylvester through the walls of the band's practice space (which you can read more about here,) that void is being swelled up by YVETTE's black hole of noise. The bellowing Brooklyn duo of Noah Kardos-Fein and Rick Daniel finds the two members sitting behind just a drum kit and guitar with an abundance of effect pedals and war-like pouncing at their disposal to give them a monstrously experimental sound that hits like a tsunami. To date, YVETTE has released a now-out-of-print 4-song 7" that beckons comparisons to HEALTH's self-titled and Aa, but you can expect things to get louder on an upcoming double A-side featuring the tracks "Erosion" and "Cold Sweat." The 7" single was recorded by aforementioned fan and Mr. Dream drummer Nick Sylvester alongside former Get Him Eat Him frontman / journalistic renaissance man Matt Lemay. It'll arrive digitally for noise rock lovers on Valentine's Day with a limited physical release set for March 27th as the first non-Mr. Dream output on the band's own God Mode Records. Remember those dates, as they mark the precise moments when NYC's noise rock scene will have gotten its balls back.

YVETTE - "Cold Sweat"

YVETTE - "Vibrations"

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