March 22, 2012

Death Grips

Rap and hip-hop admittedly don't get enough attention on AwkwardSound's regular coverage radar, and part of that is because a foci on indie, punk and hardcore means that it usually takes an outsider perspective of the genre to grab AS' attention. Last year offered up two excellent examples with Internet meme sensations OFWGKTA, whose headline-making antics coupled by dirty DIY skate-punk rhymes made them too difficult to ignore while Drake's eccentric opus Take Care surpassed any expectations you could ask for in hip-hop's gilded post-Kanye era. In 2012, Sacramento experimental hardcore rap outfit Death Grips are the confrontational, aggressive and dark-sounding force to offset both artists blowup pop success. A supergroup of sorts, the project includes frontman Stefan Burnett and the production duo of drumming beast Zach Hill (who knows a thing or two about noise) alongside keyboardist Andy Morin. Pigeon-holing Death Grips into one area of the rap spectrum would be a disservice, as their sound -- evidenced by last year's self-released standout Exmilitary mixtape -- encompasses some tough spitting, wrecked samples and glitchy loops amidst a blistering industrial weight that violently rages against the hip-hop blueprint. Look for Death Grips' profile to expand in the coming year, as the trio was recently snatched up by the major leaguers at Epic and are planning to release not one, but two full-lengths this year (The first, The Money Store is due out April 24th while the second, No Love arrives later this fall.) Their appearances at this year's Coachella coupled with a flattering opening slot for post-hardcore luminaries Refused won't hurt throwing Death Grips in front of a much wider audience's faces either.

Death Grips - "Get Got"

Death Grips - "Blackjack"

"Guillotine (It Goes Yah)"
Directed by: Flatlander


  1. I'm a huge fan of Death Grips! Their video for "The Fever (Aye Aye) is amazing, and it's making me super excited for the release of "The Money Store" on the 24th. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet:

  2. This is the perfect time in hip-hop for the Death Grips. I'm counting down the days until Record Store Day when I can grab the vinyl! The Fever is my fav right now.