March 5, 2012


The whereabouts of former Mika Miko members Jennifer and Jessie Clavin were recently given the BUZZSound treatment here on AwkwardSound in the form of Bleached, and now you can add one more "Where are they now?" update stemming from the seminal Los Angeles noise pop act, this time with former drummer Kate Hall. As a member of Dunes, she -- alongside vocalist Stephanie Chan (formerly of Austin bands Finally Punk and The Carrots) and guitarist / sometimes bassist Mark Greshowak -- have all reinvented themselves in an organic new light that's far from the fuzzy ratchet anyone familiar with these three artist's past lives might associate them with. While Hall's past Miko Miko bandmates continue to rock on, Dunes map out their soundwaves with darkly-coated atmospheric woozy pop that bares more in common with fellow Smell scene staples Abe Vigoda and High Places than the scuzzy lo-fi punk persuasions that shaped each members' early days. Dunes has released a mesmerizing melodic 12" EP on Mexican Summer, two 7" singles for Art Fag Records and Teenage Teardrops as well as a demo cassette for LA-based online boutique retailer Ooga Booga since forming in 2009. This week marks the culmination of their creative metamorphosis however, as the trio see the release of their formal debut Noctiluca on Post Present Medium, the record label ran by all-around awesome LA noise scene torchbearer, Dean Spunt of No Age. Yes, it still hurts that Mika Miko was gone far too soon, but another great project springing from its roots in Dunes shows that the Smell scene community continues to thrive despite the changing face of its sound.

Dunes - "Vertical Walk"

Dunes - "Jukebox Adieu"

"Tied Together"
Directed by: An iPhone

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