March 4, 2012

Hear New Sound: Chromatics' "Candy"

Attention Chromatics fans: AS has some good news and some bad news regarding the band's upcoming fourth full-length release Kill for Love. Since bad news is never going to please anyone, let's get that out of the way first. Earlier, it was indicated that Kill for Love's arrival was imminent, but now the Portlandians are changing their tune by pushing its release back to a date as yet to be determined due to some unfortunate mastering issues. To make up for delay however, their label Italians Do It Better have posted the LP's fourth single "Candy." Listeners have already been treated to the excellent first impression "Kill for Love," Chromatics' dusty, haunted twist on the Neil Young classic "Into the Black" and the glittery nightcrawler of "Lady." "Candy" is a logical yet darker follow-up to the last preview given its lyrical content, and the band promises that you can expect more of these leaks to make their way onto the web before Kill for Love officially comes to fruition. Until then, suck on a new one below...

Chromatics - "Candy"

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  1. *extreme exaggerated sad face right here* hope they fix it soon and we get to hear the full album in all its glory.