March 9, 2012

Hear New Sound: DIVE's "Geist"

The guys in Beach Fossils must be super busy these days, and if you don't believe AS, just look at the steady stream of new songs, covers, videos and in this case, the Z. Cole Smith side project (and recent BUZZSound) DIVE for solid evidence. Due out April 3rd on Captured Tracks, "Geist" is a new 7" single being offered up by Smith and his other four-piece to tidy listeners over until their debut album arrives. This particular listen tumbles along with more upbeat rock climbing than DIVES' past singles. Interestingly enough, Smith has touted DIVE as his way of focusing his efforts on guitar textures as opposed to the soft-shelled breezy feel you hear when he's joined by his Beach Fossils bandmates, but with frontman Dustin Payseur looking to "make something really noisy" on their sophomore LP, he and Payseur are likely finding more inspiration to play off each other these days. Here's to the spirit of the band and the individual...

DIVE - "Geist"

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