March 20, 2012

Hear New Sound: Matt LeMay's "Compare and Contrast" / "By Half"

It's been an entire season since former Get Him Eat Him frontman, food lover and all-around journalistic wordsmith Matt LeMay introduced us to his namesake's new music endeavor. Coincidentally, the Brooklyn-based renaissance artist has returned on this first day of spring with a couple of new sunny-sided tracks that just make you absolutely furious -- Not because they're bad or anything, but because of how perfect LeMay can craft a power-pop song, and then leaves listeners hanging for several months with no indication as to when he'll return. AS isn't going to dwell on it, though and will opt to live in the moment to enjoy the sugar-laced cagey guitar jam that is "Compare and Contrast" and the accidentally emo B-side "By Half." Play these songs while you're walking to work or class, and there's a pretty good chance that you'll soon realize that you need to be back in the arms of a girl(or boy)friend. Your spring fling awaits...

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