March 26, 2012

Hear New Sound: Mission of Burma's "Dust Devil"

Post-punk pioneeers Mission of Burma reformed in 2002 and have been on a tear ever since, releasing fierce genre-reconstructing albums while being welcomed back into the indie ranks at a greater visibility than when they left it during the early '80s. ONoffOn and The Obliterati were respectively loud, ferocious representations of the unheralded art-rock vets' return to form while their most recent listen in 2009's The Sound the Speed the Light saw the Boston-based trio expand and explore the space between each angular riff and shifty time signature. On July 9th, the quartet will release Unsound, their 6th LP overall. There's a few new developments out of camp MoB this time around, however. For starters, it's the first album since making their return that will not be released on venerable indie Matador Records, and opting for the lesser-known Fire Records instead. "Dust Devil" is the first track to be offered up off the LP, and judging by its rickety, loose under-produced feel, perhaps Mission of Burma are returning to their scrappy post-punk roots instead of trying to reinvent it this time around. Pick up the pieces of "Dust Devil" below...

Mission of Burma - "Dust Devil"

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