March 24, 2012

Hear New Sound: PS I Love You's "Princess Towers"

A few weeks back, AS introduced you to the wild indie rock thrasher that is "Sentimental Dishes," the first listen off 2010 breakthrough artist PS I Love You's sophomore LP Death Dreams. The Ontario duo doesn't seem to be interested in letting the party crashing vibe die down before the album's May 8th release on Paper Bag Records, so they're offering up another heaping pile-on of fuzz rock with "Princess Towers." Unlike the prior listen's enjoyable disregard for control, Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson keep their '90s-influenced noise ambitions contained within a closer range this time around without letting their drum-and-rhythm section collision course energy slip from their grips. In fact, "Princess Towers" sounds like its building-up to something gigantically big and loud from PS I Love You. You can measure it's potential below...

PS I Love You - "Princess Towers"

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