March 14, 2012

Lotus Plaza

Bradford Cox may be the face listeners associate with Deerhunter, but there's one more individual involved in the project whose role has become increasingly integral in the band's ever-shifting direction. Lockett Pundt met Cox during high school and joined the Athens indie quartet as their guitarist in 2005, but it was on 2010's Halcyon Digest that his hazy guitar flourishes and subtly melancholic contributions on the track "Desire Lines" eclipsed those of nearly everything brought to the table by his old friend. With Cox currently off doing his own thing as Atlas Sound at the moment, Pundt is extending his talents and focus on a solo project of his own, Lotus Plaza. Pundt has already released one musical outing under the guise on the promising yet not quite perfect debut The Floodlight Collective, but it's the secondary guitarist's upcoming sophomore LP Spooky Action at a Distance which should be the one that brings deserved attention to Pundt's fine-tuned growth spurt as a songwriter. The album arrives April 2nd on Kranky and will be supported on the road with a month-long touring stint throughout April alongside labelmates and fellow experimental rockers Disappears. With his Deerhunter counterpart currently making headlines for improvised hour-long "My Sharona" covers and reactionary soliloquies, it may be a safer bet to invest in a Lotus Plaza show where the sprawling ethereal soundscapes speak for themselves.

Lotus Plaza - "Strangers"

Lotus Plaza - "Come Back"

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