March 7, 2012

Song Review: Beach House's "Myth"

In one word, the music Beach House create can be defined in one simple, powerful word: Beautiful. Certainly the Baltimore duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally go out of their way to best themselves on this notion with each subsequent release, with the climax thus far being on 2010's third best album of the year Teen Dream. That hazy room-filling sound still holds up magnificently two years later as a measure by which every dream pop band should strive toward, and it's about to get even tougher to match Beach House's elegant serenity with the arrival of their fourth LP Bloom, allegedly due out May 15th on Sub Pop Records. "Myth" is Legrand and Scally's first unconfirmed preview off their next step, and while it doesn't stray too far away from the swirling ebb and flow formula of Teen Dream, it finds the indie pop makers gravitating toward greater airy ambitions. Lagrand arguably found her voice on their 2010 effort, and here, these bold sighing vocals continue to meld inside the pulling undertow of Scally's guitar arrangements as they float off into a dimly lit night sky that's much wider and starrier than any they've sent listeners off into yet. While there's few new frills attached, Beach House's "Myth" is a strong return that picks up right where Teen Dream left off, yet with a much a bigger, densely beautiful purpose that outshines any surprises.

Beach House - "Myth"

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