March 12, 2012

Song Review: The Hives' "Go Right Ahead"

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that The Hives reached their pinnacle around the same time Gideon Yago did as an MTV veejay (remember those?) as they -- alongside then-up-and-coming garage bands The White Stripes, The Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- ushered in the umpteenth "return of rock." Music trends change just as fast as Karen O's fashion sense however, and with the spotlight dimming on the international rock superstars after Veni Vini Vicious made them poster boys for a manufactured revival, seeing The Hives' name on this year's Coachella lineup probably took a few people by surprise. In actuality, 2012 may be the ideal year for the suit-and-tie clad quintet to stage a comeback (or at least remind us of music's circularity,) beginning with "Go Right Ahead," the first single off The Hives' upcoming fifth LP Lex Hives, due out June 5th on their own label Disques Hives. Frontman Howlin' Pelle Almqvist welcomely jump starts the track with his signature -- uh, howl -- as the bands kicks its way through your typical Hives m.o. of romp-and-stomp rock. The brass attack of sax adds some strut to their back-to-basics sound, and despite the fact the chorus kind of reappropriates ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down" as its own, The Hives still sound as charismatically untamed as they did a decade ago. When you consider that in just the past few weeks, AS has given Recommended Listen nods to The Men and Ceremony's newest garage punk-infused LPs, fellow Swedish ramshacklers Refused made headlines with their reunion and across the narrow in Denmark, Iceage are spearheading the next generation of bare-boned punk ethos, you can't help but admit that The Hives still have a place in today's musical landscape.

The Hives - "Go Right Ahead"

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  1. While they were fashionable 10 years ago, they were also an excellent band. And they still are.