March 26, 2012

Song Review: Japandroids' "The House That Heaven Built"

Canadian noise-punk outfit Japandroids are seemingly experts at capturing nostalgic, carefree moments from our youth and stuffing them it into soaring anthems that collide with our present-day responsibilities as “adults." This was an obvious theme from the start that began on their 2009 breakthrough Post-Nothing with the killer lead-off track "Young Hearts Spark Fire" and later raged on the blistering 2010 single "Younger Us." On May 15th, the Vancouver duo's sophomore LP Celebration Rock arrives on Polyvinyl Records, and its lead single "The House That Heaven Built" is yet another remarkably sweltering listen of ceremonious fuzz rock tailor-made to keep spirits high amid the perils of aging. Artistically, it doesn't hurt that Brian King's scuzzy guitars feel more electric than usual as David Prowse drums the usual adrenaline into the track's fully-amped powerline. It's King's life-affirming chorus of, "When they love you and they will / Tell them all they're loving my shadow / And if they try to slow you down / Tell them all to go to Hell..." and imagery about houses that represent the worst of times however that really sends goosebumps throughout your body -- The kind that make you want to say, “Fuck it," pack your bags, take the leap of faith and just live your life however you damn please. As I edge toward my thirties, it's music like this that keeps my wide-eyed naivety and audacity to dream in tact despite many of my peers settling into a state of monotony. Japandroids' "The House That Heaven Built" reminds us that we are always in full control of where we're heading.

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  1. Fred Hampton (Jr.)March 28, 2012 at 10:18 PM

    I really like this. Japandroids repping Canada hard.