March 2, 2012

Song Review: PS I Love You's "Sentimental Dishes"

PS I Love You make it a point to throw a few heavy-sounding twists our way with their brand of fuzzed-out '90s indie nostalgia in order to separate themselves from the pack. On the duo's debut album Meet Me at Muster Station, the 2010 breakthrough artists let the world know that its good to go grunge again, but not without tossing in some sludgy metal riffs, nods to post-hardcore and a whirlwind of really fucking fun rock 'n roll for good measure. Two years later, the Kingston, Ontario natives continue blazing their own fiery path with "Sentimental Dishes," the first track to come off PS I Love You's sophomore LP Death Dreams, due out May 8th on Paper Bag Records. What's most reassuring here is that it's looking like both of these guys are on the same page about not letting their rowdy rock antics subdue, as the track slams in the fact that they're more ready to go balls out than ever before. While the warbly-voiced guitar giant of a frontman in Paul Saulnier doesn't get into it that much with his lyrics, words like "I don't want to do the dishes / She don't want to do the dishes / They don't want to do the dishes..." are the ones you can only imagine soundtracking the general reckless fun of a wild party scene. He and Benjamin Nelson seem pretty comfortable in this setting, letting Nelson's drums crash ferociously into Saulnier's razor-sharp guitar virtuoso. Mid-way through until the closing seconds of "Sentimental Dishes," it almost seems like the two instruments have possessed their owners, but las, that's just the sound of two rock gods-in-the-making cranking out a new twist on audio ass kicking.

PS I Love You - "Sentimental Dishes"

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