April 22, 2012


There's been no shortage of BUZZSounds thus far in 2012, but if these fresh faces have lacked anything thus far, it's a heavy-edged rockability factor. With temperatures creeping their way up further as we spring toward the summertime however, the decibels emitted from new sounds crackling onto the scene should also climb if bands like ÆGES are any indication of what's to come. A supergroup of sorts in the eyes of anyone familiar with the underbelly of the metal and hardcore scenes, the Los Angeles-based quartet includes Pelican drummer Larry Herwig, Mark Halcolm of Undertow, Kemble Walters of Austin metalcore quintet The Rise and Tony Baumeister of Cali sludgemakers 16. Collectively, their varying backgrounds and diverse stylistic résumés connect an uncommon bridge between sticky stoner metal à la Cave In and Torche and and the melodic post-hardcore progressions of Hot Snakes and Quicksand. It's dark, nihilistic and emotional but foremost, surprisingly intricate for a sound that enters the studio raw before its slathered together. All of these elements combined form a very loud and convincing statement about "creative optimism in a time of hopelessness" on ÆGES' debut The Bridge, which was released just this past week through The Mylene Sheath. Look for a string of tour dates to be announced as soon as Herwig returns from Pelican's current European tour. What the rest of the year has in store for these post-millennial metal nostalgists is any one's guess, but let's assume they'll be scorching a path to success as their hybrid metal and hardcore riffs batter their way through the crowd.

"My Medicine"

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