April 22, 2012

Hear New Sound: Beach House's "Equal Minds"

Yep, another Record Store Day-related item. If you're sick of hearing about it, don't worry -- As of this post, the independent music retailer celebration is officially over here on the east coast and the even better news is that like the Flaming Lips / Ke$ha collab from earlier tonight, more rarities and exclusive tracks continue to trickle their way out into the free world toward your speakers. Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House used RSD to continue building momentum toward their highly anticipated new album Bloom, which isn't due out until May 15th on Sub Pop Records. Earlier this week, they previewed the LPs starglding first single in "Lazuli," and today, that track became exclusively available as a 7" single limited to just 2,400 copies. Now that all of them have likely been claimed, Stereogum points out that the single's B-side "Equal Minds" (which won't appear on Bloom) has surfaced. In characteristic Beach House fashion, it's synthy and airy, yet with a more subtle vocal take from Victoria Legrand that AS can only speculate didn't fit in with the rest of Bloom's enormity. Regardless, "Equal Minds" still holds a dimly lit candle to most of Beach House's most enjoyable work. Decide for yourself if it balances it out below...

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