April 18, 2012

Song Review: Beach House's "Lazuli"

The first revelation off Beach House's upcoming fourth LP in the Recommended Listen "Myth" didn't entirely turn a new page for the Baltimore dream pop duo, opting to assuredly pick right up from where they left off on 2010's acclaimed Teen Dream. Bloom's second single "Lazuli" on the other hand escapes the sky and the airy gravity which Beach House have immersed themselves, reaching spacey constellations that redefine their brand of gazy pop with a twinkle rather than a slow burn. It's the small details that curtail their style here, beginning with a muted synth key intro before the track cracks wide open into a starry galaxy. Despite its enormity of space, Victoria Legrand's billowing vocals envelop each corner of it as a kicking drum machine attempts to expand "Lazuli"'s depths to its most outer limits. The single still clings onto Beach House's characteristic pillars of a soundscape that wanders through the twilight and spiritually entwines itself from the inside out, yet some subtle departure here on "Lazuli" soars the duo into an unearthly atmosphere that still feels quite familiar.

Beach House - "Lazuli"

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