April 23, 2012

Song Review: Fiona Apple's "Every Single Night"

Fiona Apple's resounding impact in the music world grows to a greater level of myth-like proportions between each extensive stretch, and the first single off her first new effort in seven years The Idler Wheel... gives that patient wait due service. "Every Single Night" is a subtle yet defining artistic peak of sorts, as it capstones her evolution from an angry young women who parlayed visceral sexploitation images, major label money and unrequited success off her debut into a vehicle for higher ambitions down the road. It seems after all the in-fighting with A & R execs over her past two LPs' directions, they've finally given into the 34-year-old singer-songwriter's art-minded DNA that unabashedly flaunts creativity in the face of commercial gain. "Every Single Night"actually has more in common with today's indie culture leading ladies like Joanna Newsom than it does yesteryear's glossy alt-rock bombast, which by all means is nothing short of a compliment. "Every single night's a fight with my brain," Fiona self-argumentatively professes in arpeggio during one of the track's few moments of ignited crescendo, but other than that, what we get hear is Ms. Apple meticulously tip-toeing over jazzy orchestration that leave you no choice other than to focus your attention on every syllable and enunciation she makes. Maybe this is the way the forever-cautious songstress always wanted her voice to sound. If so, the quiet combat Fiona Apple has waged in defense of her art over the years has made ample ground.

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