May 1, 2012

Hear New Sound: DIIV's "Doused"

First things first, no your eyes are not deceiving you and there wasn't a slip-up on the keyboard. The Z. Cole Smith-led Beach Fossils offshoot and recent BUZZSound once scribed as "Dive" now goes by the unique spelling of DIIV. According to a Pitchfork, the change came about "out of respect" for the Belgian industrial band of the same name and at the end of the day, the frontman says "A name is nothing" (For what it's worth, Wikipedia contains two other duplicate moniker entries, one for a Swedish pop duo and another for a band who appeared on the 2010 Warped Tour circuit. C'mon, Zachary!) Future indie rock trivia now cleared up, the Brooklyn quartet has also premiered a new single from debut LP Oshin (due out June 26th via Captured Tracks) in "Doused." If your head is spinning from all these aquatic-themed anecdotes, blame it on the building pressure heard within DIIV's aggressively sinking guitar pop found below...

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