May 28, 2012

Hear New Sound: The Hunting Accident's Trees and Parks EP

Growing up as an indie-emo / hardcore half-breed, I'll always associate the days entering summertime with the sunny-minded stylings of Piebald. I don't think there's a Fourth of July that passes without me revisiting We Are the Only Friends We Have and blaring "American Hearts" through my stereo. As I sit here typing with sweat beads forming on my brow due to the season's first real stretch of humidity, it's a bittersweet feeling knowing that Piebald is no longer with us, but the band's main players are still putting their talents to good use elsewhere. As AS pointed out in a BUZZSound spotlight last July, Piebald's charismatic frontman Travis Shettel alongside guitarist Aaron Stuart now join former Arlo co-frontman Nate Greely, Pete Beeman (ex-drummer for Burning Brides) and new recruit Brynne Copper as The Hunting Accident, a project which takes the best parts from these highly underrated deceased acts and creates some kickass classic rock-minded indie pop jams. On July 17th, they'll be releasing Trees and Parks a brand new six-song 10" EP (with album covers made out of wood) via The New Black. It's a remarkably bigger-sounding effort with a polished post-punk and Brit rock influence (they tackle Robyn Hitchcock's "Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl") that brings back some of that youthful, upbeat nostalgia magic from its members past lives. Jog your memory through The Hunting Accidents' Trees and Parks below...

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