May 26, 2012

Hear New Sound: Liars' "Octagon"

On June 5th, a little over two weeks from now, innovative noise rock trio Liars will be releasing their highly anticipated sixth LP WIXIW on Mute. It's been a mysteriously fun build toward that date given how the band teased the album's once-secretive producer (it's Mute founder Daniel Miller), the ominous video teasers, its confusing title (it's pronounced "wish you") and generally, the quiet revelations forming the greater whole before its arrival. So far, Liars have granted a preview in WIXIW's Recommended lead single "No.1 Against the Rush," a soft gliding electronic listen that's hinted at yet another stylistic overhaul by the always-willing-to-evolve Los Angeles transplants. "Octagon" backs up these suspicions through further immersion into claustrophobic synths and glitchy paranoia. Try to find your way out of Liars' eight-sided puzzle below...

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