May 7, 2012

Hear New Sound: Passion Pit's "Take A Walk"

Romp and stomp indie party crew Passion Pit didn't exactly break any new ground when they burst onto the scene with 2008's Chunk of Change EP and the subsequently polished debut Manners, yet their execution of electro-pop has always sounded of-the-moment enough to make them a big draw who has the potential to grow into their own sound. The Boston-based quintet will continue proving themselves on their upcoming sophomore LP Gossamer, due out July 24th on Capital Records, and its first listen "Take a Walk" is a suitable transition to do just that. Signature celebratory synths aside, the most welcome surprise here has to be frontman Michael Angelakos' vocal take which weens off the strident falsetto of their early work (a characteristic that had a tendency to eschew some listeners) and finds a mature middle-ground to respectfully compliment lyrics about his ancestors' struggles to make it alongside his own. "Take A Walk" (or dance) below...

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