May 30, 2012

King Tuff

Quick -- Name one great musician to come out of the Vermont scene! If you're answer is Phish, thanks for stating the obvious but that's not where AS was getting at here. Throw the name Kyle Thomas out in front of your musically-inclined friends, and you're likely to be met with a few confused looks and head scratching. In reality, Thomas may very well be one of the most accomplished young artists from the often overlooked home state of New England's best dairy products and maple syrup. To date, he's been a part of the experimental folk collective Feathers, fronts the stoner-metal project Witch (a band that counts fellow New England native and Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis as a member) as well as Sub Pop lo-fi indie pop trio Happy Birthday. In 2012, it's Thomas and Thomas alone rocking out under the pseudonym King Tuff that's finally making some deserved noise for the eclectic gold-toothed, shaggy-haired guitar virtuoso. King Tuff's impending ascension to the throne easily begs comparisons to that of another BUZZSound alumni in Ty Segall given their comfort level in the garage and an incessant love of recording frequently that's resulted in a growing catalog of releases few are familiar with, but unlike Segall, King Tuff's tunes are less druggy, less complicated, more warm and fuzzy and yet still punk as fuck, thus filling the cracks in the current garage rock spectrum that usually tend to get patched up by sprawling jam sessions with melodic pop sunshine instead. You can hear those summertime rays make their way through your stereo on King Tuff's new self-titled sophomore effort which just came out this week on Sub Pop and a limited cassette run on Burger Records. He'll be touring an endless summer of dates across the States from here on out, hopefully returning home to Vermont as rock's coolest new royal.

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