May 5, 2012

LIVESound: Bomb the Music Industry! Cover Beastie Boys' "Tough Guy" for MCA

Yesterday, the music world lost a true legend as "MCA" Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys passed away at the age of 47 after a three-year-long battle with cancer. By now you've probably been inundated with tributes and read up on Yauch's many, many accomplishments which span from his work as a musician transcending hip-hop culture out of the boroughs of New York City and into the mainstream pop world, an activist for Tibetan freedom, an accomplished filmmaker and a well respected stand-up type of guy that you rarely just don't see these days when it comes to rock 'n roll superstars. While some bands will likely remember MCA in the coming weeks by covering some the Beasties' biggest hits at their shows, New York-based DIY punks Bomb the Music Industry! paid tribute to Yauch at NYU's Strawberry Festival by channeling the trio's hardcore roots. Ill Communication was the Beastie Boys' fourth LP that did just the same with tracks like "Tough Guy" and the MTV video staple classic "Sabotage." BTMI! took on the former, and while it may not have been one of the highly influential group's most memorable songs, it's proof that all of Adam Yauch's work resonated...

Bomb the Music Industry! Cover Beastie Boys' "Tough Guy"

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