May 29, 2012

LIVESound: Laura Jane Grace Debuts With Against Me! In San Diego

A few weeks ago, Against Me! founder and frontman Tom Gabel publicly came out as transgender in a very brave, inspiring interview with Rolling Stone and now plans to live life as a woman. On the heels of this headline-making news, the Gainesville, FL punk quartet has just started a nationwide tour opening for Brit rockers The Cult where Gabel -- now known as Laura Jane Grace -- made her first public appearance at the tour's first stop at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay in San Diego. In signature fashion, Grace screamed and scraped her way through AM!'s 40-minute set (which included six new tracks from their forthcoming effort aptly titled Transgender Dysphoria Blues) in a black tank top and tight black jeans while making no mention of her recent changes (Said Rolling Stone on Grace's approach, "Since many of the concertgoers were Cult fans who weren't familiar with Against Me!, the show wasn't exactly ideal for a punk-rock heart-to-heart." They also note however that "she's open to having a dialogue about her transition with fans.") Watch the Laura Jane Grace-fronted Against Me! perform "Don't Lose Touch" below...

Against Me! - "Don't Lose Touch" (Live in San Diego, CA)

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