May 30, 2012

LIVESound: POP ETC Play "Keep It For Your Own" for Yours Truly

On the verge of releasing their feel-good self-titled re-debut under the new moniker POP ETC, the trio of Chris Chu, John Chu and Julian Harmon have had to do a lot of explaining since switching their name after a previous and pretty successful stint under the working title The Morning Benders. AwkwardSound already gave you the backstory on that in a recent BUZZSound feature of the band, but in a new session recorded from their Brooklyn pad for San Francisco vlog site Your Truly, the Bay Area transplants' articulate frontman gives us a more lengthier explanation as to what the name change means in terms of their art and not compromising your goals. They also played a strummy take on "Keep It For Your Own", a minimalist synth-textured affair which shows that all is not entirely lost from their past indie rock life but still punches enough pop gusto to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for longtime listeners. It's yours for the taking below...

POP ETC - "Keep It For Your Own" (Yours Truly Session)

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