May 8, 2012

Nude Beach

2011's hardcore revival was fun while it lasted, but it seems like all signs this year point to the genre holing their amps up in the dusty confines of the garage as evidenced by the latest Recommended Listens from Bay area punks Ceremony and Brooklyn rockers The Men. The latter's growing platform of widespread success and acclaim outside the NYC scene in particular is opening doors for like-minded bands, with Nude Beach getting a bulk of the endorsements from the Sacred Bones posterboys. Like The Men, the trio of Jim, Chuck and and Ryan began creating music together in 2008 on a foundation of noisy punk reminiscent to that of NYC's scummy '80s scene, amassing a full-length, several 7" singles, compilation contributions and tape releases over the past four years with little fanfare outside the BK area code. While Nude Beach runs a few parallels on their path to success as their chronic tour mates in The Men, their indulgence in gritty power pop like Jay Reatard and Marveleous Darlings, a hat tip to Petty's classic act and the E Street Band's shuffle results in some seriously sunny hooks that ultimately sets the two apart. Make no doubt about it, though -- Nude Beach's self-released sophomore LP II -- soon set to be given wider distribution -- stands a better chance at finding a larger audience thanks to The Men and the music world's new found appreciation for garage rock dwelling deep inside each hole in the wall of the city.

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