May 7, 2012

Song Review: Animal Collective's "Honeycomb"

Under a 9.6 influence, Animal Collective's critically acclaimed pop opus Merriweather Post Pavillion transformed the experimental act from indie darlings into festival-headlining juggernauts, and for some longtime fans, the band's sudden departure from the challenging rightfully had them worried. Three years removed from perhaps the most absurd over-hype and praise surrounding an album in recent memory, Animal Collective return -- now with Josh "Deakin" Dibb back in tow -- on the new single "Honeycomb." Hopefully by this point, anyone put off by ostentatiously accessible tracks such as "My Girls" or "Summertime Clothes" have accepted them as some of the best examples of modern pop in the past decade, as "Honeycomb" reconciles the psychedelic quartet's post-MPP days with their past eccentricities. Chalk that up to David "Avey Tare" Portner taking the lead on this go. Unlike Noah "Panda Bear" Lennox, who has become AnCo's go-to guy to crafting echoed choruses amid sailing soundscapes, Tare's songwriting is daft and brightly fluttering (see: Strawberry Jam,) giving context to the gooey sound of a track titled "Honeycomb." Yet, the production maintains the slick properties of recent material, and when these two eras of the Brooklyn stalwarts' history collide, it's near impossible to find a sour note in "Honeycomb" when everything is intricately designed to hold Animal Collective's sweet, weird nectar.

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  1. Honeycomb is classic Animal Collective listening: challenging, but ultimately rewarding. Took me a couple listens to fully appreciate its sound and infectiousness. I've come to love the opening most of all, with the nicely timed pauses between the bounce effect.

    I featured "No More Runnin'" from "Merriweather Post Pavilion" in a recent post....