May 5, 2012

Song Review: Future of the Left's "I Am the Least of Your Problems"

Even in his days with McClusky, Andy "Falco" Falkous made no excuses for his penchant for slinging loud, abrasive hardcore-laced riffs toward listeners' general direction and that trend has continued on in his current endeavors with Future of the Left. On last year's Polymers Are Forever EP however, the socially-contemplative Welsh quartet began steering away from this with flourishes of New Wave synths that offset their punk rigor and made it sound like Future of the Left were finally having some fun rather than being perpetually angry. Well, the honeymoon is over on "I Am the Least of Your Problems," a new listen off the band's upcoming third LP The Plot Against Common Sense -- and AS is more than okay with it. Falco's ongoing honest punk pessimism is essentially what makes their sound endearingly jarring, and the tumultuous deep drum and bass lines capped off by crunching reverb behind his laments set fire to his words. "I Am the Least of Your Problems" in particular wages war against the music industry from the perspective of a jaded punk lifer ("Woke in a ditch where the bitches grin to the sound of the present tense / How many sound checks can a man ignore before he turns into a shadow of himself?...") So we're back in tune with Future of the Left's signature panache of self-disparaging vigor, but I'll take something brutally real (with emphasis on "brutal") over begrudgingly settling any day of the week

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