June 6, 2012

Birds In Row

At AwkwardSound, the summer always tends to be the time of the year when thunderous bursts of new noise out of the hardcore and punk scene kick it into high gear, crack through the hot pavement and heat up AS' stereos. Last year's list of fresh faced thrashers included breakthrough acts out of the Bay Area such as Touché Amoré, Joyce Manor and Kingston, PA's Title Fight, but surprisingly enough, the band that's turning up the mercury right now at AS HQ isn't even found on this side of globe. Laval, France's Birds In Row are a faceless three-piece who recently signed to the Boston-based Deathwish Inc. roster (the label ran by Converge frontman Jacob Bannan and Tre McCarthy,) and much like the bands mentioned above whom they've frequently toured with, they're unraveling in all directions with emotionally-wrought melodic hardcore rippers wedged somewhere between taking a spill from your board off a rail headfirst into the gravel, getting your heart shredded and piecing the cut flesh back together on your own mend. To date, Birds In Row have released one consolidated collection of material -- suitably titled Collected -- on Vitriol Records, featuring tracks from two EPs put out in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The trio will be touring Europe alongside Converge in the coming months, with some appearances being made along the way with counterparts Touché Amoré, Loma Prieta and Defeater. Later this year, Birds In Row officially take flight when Deathwish releases their formal debut You, Me and Violence, and judging by its first listen and album opener "Pilori," these guys soar dangerously high.

Directed by: Mr. Fifi

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