June 5, 2012

Hear New Sound: CrimSane's "ChinaFastGrow"

Touché, Ben Cook. Days after the Fucked Up guitarist debuted his infectious first listen from his solo project Young Guv and Scuzz's upcoming album A Love Too Strong, the Toronto hardcore punk sextet's frontman Damian Abraham is showing off something of his own he's been working on while the band takes a well-deserved break. His new side-piece CrimSane (formerly known as Criminally Insane until Pink Eyes found a compilation with a band of the same name) pairs him with Matt Delong of fellow Canuck hardcore bands No Warning and Violent Minds. They don't have any plans to release an EP or album at the time of this posting, but their demo "ChinaGastGrow" is the opposite of all things Fucked Up in a less ear-appealing artsy new way. It's self-professed "kushcore" (I'm no drug enthusiast, but a quick Google search let me know the first half is that term is a form of cannabis) which might explain the lo-fi, grating, throbbing feel to the track's sound all the while Abraham screeches incessantly throughout. Dude be trippin' hardcore below...

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