June 26, 2012

Hear New Sound: Gallows' "Last June"

The day of reckoning has arrived for UK hardcore punks Gallows, who basically are an entirely different band now ever since Frank Carter stepped down as frontman last summer and was replaced by Wade MacNeil, former guitarist of Canadian post-hardcore rockers Alexisonfire. Aside from a brief, furious listen recorded last summer in "True Colours," listeners have been left to wonder what impact (if any) the mic man swap would have on the band's sound, and now they do. "Last June" is the first single off Gallows' upcoming self-titled effort due out on September 11th through hardcore label Bridge Nine. The obvious change here is in the vocals, with Carter's sharp accent throated out by MacNeil's much heavier growling protest, but the band has also also acquired a new found intensity and a need for speed, and it's vicious one at that. Maybe Gallows 2.0 have distanced themselves away from sounding so obviously English over the past year, but the important takeaway is that they're slamming it down even more hardcore than before. "Last June" this June below...


  1. I saw these guys when they were just starting out as they hailed form the next town over. I remember when they played one of their first shows, which was also rumoured to be their last show as Frank Carter was going to quit to be a tattoo artist. He walked off stage, and George Noble (frontman of Your Demise) made everyone in the club get down on their knees so he'd return and play one more song. He didn't come back, but George fronted them whilst they played an especially brutal, emotionally-charged version of Orchestra of Wolves. It was a great moment. The whole place was chanting at the end.

  2. That's an awesome memory. I had no idea he almost quit once before -- I guess that's somewhat telling to his dedication to the project.