June 20, 2012

Hear New Sound: Touché Amoré's "Home Away from Here" (Live On BBC Radio 1)

Just one year ago, the new breed of hardcore known as Touché Amoré released their blistering breakthrough sophomore LP and 2nd best album of 2012 overall here on AwkwardSound with Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me. Since then, Jeremy Bolm and company have been living up to everything you would expect from AS' Best Live Act honorees through relentless touring and keeping it DIY across the globe. For those of you who have for some forsaken reason have not witnessed or heard Touché Amoré in person, the Los Angeles moshers are transferring some of that raw, physical energy onto a 7" recorded during recent travels across the UK. Entering the BBC Studios for Mike Davies' The Punk Show, the emotive rockers spent half a day devastating the sound boards with renowned engineer Simon Askew (Foo Fighters, PJ Harvey, Pulp) and laid down what's being called Live On BBC Radio 1, due out soon through Deathwish Inc. While the four-track effort wasn't exactly culled from a stage in front of a rousing audience, an initial preview of "Home Away from Here" proves that there's nothing fine-tuned or buffered up here in this Peel Sessions-esque portrait of hardcore's future. If anything, Touché Amoré continue to think outside the box with their approach to reinventing the genre. It's as close to "Home..." with their live show as you'll get...

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