June 9, 2012

LIVESound: Japandroids Play "Fire's Highway" for Fallon

Celebrating the release of one of AS' highest-rated Recommended Listed of the year thus far and the definitive rock 'n roll soundtrack to this summer, Celebration Rock, high octane Vancouver fuzz punk duo Japandroids returned to late night TV on Friday by bringing their rattling distortion to the indie-friendly Studio 6B. As the musical guests of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Brian King and David Prouse rode the LP's tight-as-hell adrenaline pumping second track "Fire's Highway" into 30 Rock on a full tank of energy -- so much in fact that it had the flannel-clad audience applauding their live antics well before they even finished. Watch them burn through "Fire's Highway" below...

"Fire's Highway"

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