June 16, 2012

Peaking Lights

The sunshine and warmth of the summer often brings out the heavier side of music here in AwkwardSound's BUZZSounds, but it can also be gorgeously mesmerizing and calming as well. Peaking Lights have soaked up the latter in their sound -- A trippy, refracted style of electronic, dub and pop music that can, in a general sense, be defined as noise, but is transcendentally open to what you'd like to interpret it as. Consisting of Indra Dunis (formerly of other ambient projects Dynasty and Numbers) and Aaron Coyes, the two met while playing together in the Bay Area psych drone band Rahdunes, fell in love, got married and relocated to Madison, WI where in their new home, they birthed Peaking Lights with just a few lo-fi tools (a drum machine, guitar, bass and an organ) at their disposal. 2009's Imaginary Falcons was a formidable enough debut to gain the attention of highly influential noise label Not Not Fun, who then went on to put out that release by the husband-wife duo on cassette as well as their acclaimed sophomore LP 936. It appears with each subsequent release, Peaking Lights' following in their stylistic realm continues to expand by leaps and bounds and puts them into a larger market of exposure. Having outgrown NNF, they're now part of the Mexican Summer roster (in good company with Oneohtrix Point Never and Best Coast) here in the U.S. and the Domino subsidiary Weird World Record Co. in Europe. Both will release the band's highly anticipated third LP Lucifer on June 19th, and despite the fact that Coyes and Dunes have a few extra resources (including their newborn son Mikko) to pour into their recording and production, it hasn't dimmed Peaking Lights' penchant for crafting unusual, enveloping soundscapes. This summer, Peaking Lights travel throughout both side of the globe in support of the new album, hitting up various European festivals and the lo-fi explosion known as the Woodsist Festival here in the States, surely to dazzle spectators new and old in the process.

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