June 27, 2012


From an outsider perspective, Brooklyn has gotten into a bad habit of taking itself too seriously since like, forever, but over the past year, there's been a counter-cool culture fucking up the concept of high-maintenance indie rock aspirations thanks in part to BUZZSound alumni such as The Men, Nude Beach and Mr. Dream. The latter have played an integral role in that (at least here on AwkwardSound,) as Mr. Dream's drummer and GODMODE Records label runner Nick Sylvester has been building a small army of sorts to combat the the concept of style over substance by shoving his band in our face along with noise-rock duo YVETTE and now, the three-piece of audio bashers known as SLEEPIES. Frontman and guitarist Thomas Seely, bassist Josh Intrator and drummer Max Tremblay came together in 2009, creating an undefinable and unfiltered abandon with their sound that makes just about any underground punk comparison applicable (gritty like early Buzzcocks, unformulated like Crass and in a more contemporary sense, youthfully snarly like Wavves and Cloud Nothings.) To date, they've released an EP, a self-titled debut in 2010 and a 7" single with production help from The Men's Ben Greenberg, and despite Greenberg's assumedly busy schedule as of late due to his band's rising success, he worked the boards on their upcoming sophomore effort Weird Wild World, due out August 21st. With GODMODE's new distribution partnership with venerable indie Frenchkiss Records set to to take off (and a vinyl release on 16oh to appease physical format purists,) SLEEPIES' grating mess of rough riffs and disheveled rhythms should have no problem waking up a large amount of new listeners to a sound that blares against the self-conscious on the modern music landscape. After all, nobody who actually tries too hard is ever really considered cool, right?

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