June 12, 2012

Song Review: Charli XCX's "You're the One"

It's been a few months since we last heard from BUZZSound Charli XCX, but since then, the London songstress' star has ascended quickly into the glittery pop stratosphere. She recently crossed the States warming up arena audiences before Brit pop superstars Coldplay and hipster-hop queen Santigold took the stage, and this week, she'll be doing the same for hungry listeners on the You're the One digital EP, a four-song effort that includes previously heard cuts "Nuclear Seasons" alongside a double helping of remixes. It's the EP's freshly-pressed title track however that continues to peak curiosity and demonstrate why the UK singer is having such great success during her travels to the top. Binding multi-colored facets of cutting edge electro-pop with conventional mainstream aesthetics, "You're the One" is Ms. XCX slowly stepping out of the cold wave cage of her earlier work and letting herself get stuck in gooey layers of bright neon synths instead. It's true that she still maintains her position under some blue-hued heartache lyrically, but that takes an edgy detour during the track's end stages when the 19-year-old goth-pop chanteuse pulls a page out of the Sporty Spice handbook by inserting a sharp-tongued rhyme into an otherwise romantically dramatic performance to give her brand of bubble gum a fierce flavor. Ultimately, "You're the One" is yet another entrancing genre-transcending listen for Charli XCX's growing collection of singles that proves the budding hype around her name is backed by some bold clout.

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