June 25, 2012

Song Review: Matt & Kim's "Let's Go"

Matt & Kim's last album Sidewalks arrived right as the dance-tronic pop explosion was about to hit overdrive here in the States, and the bright-eyed Brooklyn duo seemed to be fully aware of this by taking the feel-good synth anthemry of "Daylight" and amplifying its sound by the ten-fold in a bid to fill much larger spaces. The album wasn't all that bad, but the supersaturation of candied production in collaborating with Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley) kind of turned the taste of Matt & Kim's peppy pop punk into a sound that lost its flavor a few tracks in. Perhaps it's because of this that "Let's Go," the first single off the duo's upcoming effort Lighting, downscales in size and in turn, gives listeners a chance to intimately reconnect with the endearingly positive coda that the DIY scene favorites never cease to have a shortage of. In some fashion, "Let's Go" is "Daylight"'s belated subdued sister by sharing an unsynthetized keyboard riff at its epicenter, yet trading in bouncing bombast for a soft-sided drum beat. Regardless of stripping out the more deliberate dance-invoking elements of recent work here on "Let's Go," Matt & Kim justify the simplicity through hand claps and a sing-a-long melody that should gather as much of a communal response from their loyal fans regardless of the instrumental intensity (or lack there of.) The disgustingly cute indie poppers' top priority over the years always seems to be about having fun, and here on "Let's Go," they're still doing that -- But just asking you to put some effort into making it happen as well.

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