June 26, 2012

Sound Bites: The Avett Brothers, Paul Banks and Baroness

The Avett Brothers' "Live and Die"

The indie folk revival sparked in part by the seriously dapper Avett Brothers over the past half decade will build a new story on September 11th when the North Carolina trio releases their sixth proper full length, The Carpenter. Once again, they've teamed up with pristine rock producer Rick Rubin and his American Recordings label on their second major label effort, and as the LP's first single "Live and Die" suggests, the sentimental pop that permeated 2009's breakthrough I and Love and You continues to flourish here within the Avett Brothers' rustic sound. The chronic road warriors have more than enough dates to warm listeners up to the new tunes between now and then.

The Avett Brothers - "Live and Die"

Paul Banks' "Summertime Is Coming"

He's a week late, but Interpol frontman Paul Banks has announced the arrival of the mild months in his own broodingly romantic way with the seasonally-titled new track "Summertime Is Coming," off his new EP Julian Plenti Lives... and forthcoming solo effort due out sometime in October via Matador. Banks should also be announcing a run of tour dates all by his lonesome self in the coming months as well, as tipped by his appearance at this year's FYF Fest in September.

Paul Banks - "Summertime Is Coming"

Baroness' "Eula"

Baroness are shutting up listeners put off by the progressive metal quartet's accessible shift in direction on their upcoming double LP Yellow & Green with pop-minded tracks such as "Take My Bones Away" and "March to the Sea" with the sprawling 7-minute art-rock epic, "Eula." It's alternative rock with aspirations done right without completely disowning the genre's core values, and if it's guilty of anything, it's trading in sludgy riffs for lush, icy soundscapes. The double LP arrives July 17th on Relapse Records, and sure, why not throw them on the FYF lineup as well.

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