July 7, 2012

Drug Church

Like hardcore, it's spawning sub-division of post-hardcore has undergone a healthy resurgence and interest in its glory years over the past several months thanks to a ton of once-impossible reunions by genre vets Refused, At the Drive-In and Quicksand along with BUZZSound alumni Touché Amoré, Birds In Row and Title Fight leading the scene's youth movement. Joining the fold with the latter in 2012 are Albany, NY's Drug Church, a quartet of young suburban punks who've probably spent more time studying the entire Jade Tree roster and Dischord catalog than the college text books collecting dust behind their amps. Formed only within the past two years, the band is a collective of characters from the upstate NY hardcore scene featuring Self Defense Family / End of a Year frontman Patrick Kindlon up front and Chris Villenueve, Nick Cogan and Cory Galusha of the emo-punk band California rounding out the rest of the roles. Last year, they grabbed the attention of listeners with the release of their long-sold out demo, and have since gotten endorsed by influential peers such as Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré who contributes guest vocals on a track off Drug Church's forthcoming self-titled 7" debut for No Sleep Records, due out on July 10th. The most rewarding aspect of Drug Church's sound is, however, how true to classic post-hardcore tenants they remain. Lyrically asexual and sans emotive bullshit, yet still aggressively melodic and sludging with wasteland riffs, they bear resemblance to the genre greats like the aforementioned Quicksand, Jawbreaker and Jawbox who never really set out to prove anything or to start a movement, but did just that. Drug Church just wrapped up a short regional tour, but a growing number of converts of their push-pit revolution will inevitably prompt them to spread the good word outside the tri-state area.


  1. Kindlon sings in both bands. Do your research.

  2. Both bands currently, that is.