July 10, 2012

Hear New Sound: Dan Deacon's "True Thrush"

Dan Deacon's eclectic unwind of experimental electro-pop has seldom taken the route of predictability, but the Baltimore crowd participation professional may be en route to providing a clearer path for listeners to enjoy his music by on his forthcoming Domino debut America, due to arrive on August 27th. "True Thrush" is the LP's latest preview on the heels of the brash yet celebratory first listen "Lots". Similar to it predecessor, it's filled with bold-colored backing choruses alongside an increasing number of natural samples that sound like they're culled from a '70s wildlife documentary. Even when he's working on a more linear and terrestrial plane, however, Deacon still finds chutes and narrows in his sound to surprise listeners with, and it really makes you want to be a part of his world vision. The real deal below...

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