July 31, 2012

Hear New Sound: Dum Dum Girls' "Lord Knows"

Dum Dum Girls have always had that devoted musical work ethic in them where they can't seem to let a year pass on by without giving listeners something new to absorb, which works great in their case, because each new release has thus far provided a remarkable step forward for the Los Angeles noise pop quartet. On September 25th, Dee Dee and the rest of the Girls will be following last year's hauntingly blissful sophomore effort Only In Dreams with the new EP End of Daze, out on Sub Pop. Not only does its title and release date fit right in with the the post-summer sonic transition, but its first single "Lord Knows" is a slow-burning heartbreaker that puts the lapse of daylight and impending darkness into perspective. If there was any criticism to be made about the Dum Dum Girls' 2011 effort, it's that it didn't contain enough of these aside from the outstanding list-making number "Coming Down," and so it's reassuring to hear Dee Dee strumming away her naked emotions before us, if at the price of a few tears and some regret. "Lord Knows" she can have us holding on to her every word, and you can, too, below...

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