July 11, 2012

Hear New Sound: Dunes' "Dirt"

Lo-fi punkers Stephanie Chan (of The Carrots,) Mark Greshowak and Smell scene stalwart / former Mika Miko drummer have collectively reinvented themselves into the dreamy BUZZSound Dunes, who earlier this year released their serenely bewitching debut album Nocticula on Dean Spunt of No Age's Post Present Medium. It's been several months since then, meaning there's a good chance pleased listeners are looking for something new out of the Los Angeles noise-pop trio. Today, Dunes offered up just that with their contribution to the multi-label compilation Songs on Conceptual Art (out now via Awesome Vistas, Teenage Teardrops and Marriage Records) featuring new tracks from the likes of Lucky Dragons and Jackie O Motherfucker based on Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art. Dunes' "Dirt" is an ethereal, sparkling dark water listen perfect for your beach weather playlist if your beach weather playlist were to be soundtrack by a group of sea witches. Dig for it below...

(via Impose)

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